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The Cape of Miquelon

“This english translated version is made available for those who cannot read French. Translating from your own language into a foreign language is not an easy task, the translator is quite aware of its limitation and will welcome any suggestions. Thanks.”


The Cape of Miquelon within walking distance of the village of Miquelon, offers a very nice walk. It is probably the most picturesque area of the islands with steep cliffs, over 100 m. high in places on the north and east side and grassy slopes on the southern side. The “Vallée de la Cormorandière” is very much appreciated for its landscape. There is an unrestricted view of the village, the harbour and the northern part of the island of Miquelon. People interested in plants will find there some species that do not grow in the rest of our islands : Moss Campion, Roseroot, Carex scirpoidea etc. …

The Cape is a hunting reserve that was created for the snowshoe hare, in fact it became also a reserve for the white-tailed deer which is fairly easy to observe there. If you are lucky you might see a red fox as well.

The surrounding waters are good habitat for several species. In winter the Common Eider, in spring and summer the Black-legged kittiwakes are nesting on the cliffs, offering some food for a few pairs of Common Raven. As for the Black Guillemot, it is a permanent resident and share a few cliffs with a few pairs of Razorbill.



It is not unusual to observe whales and seals off the north, west and east coast.

A pair of bald eagles is nesting there as well, at least since 1978.

The woods are home to several species of passerines birds. More numerous during the migrations they attract some birds of prey. It is not unusual to see, on a nice autumn day, peregrine falcon, merlin, sharp-shinned hawk and northern harrier …

You can go around the Cape in a few hours, however, do not hesitate to spend a full day there, stop to admire the landscape, the flora and fauna and breathe a remarkably pure air.

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